Five Smart Ideas For A Functional Small Bedroom

If you are working with a small bedroom, placing the right furniture can make a difference. You'll want to maximize the limited space you have, while choosing furniture that is functional. Everything from the type of bed you choose to the storage solutions should be considered. Here are five smart ideas for designing a functional bedroom while creating the illusion of space and depth.  

1. Consider a Functional Bed

It goes without saying that the bed you choose for a small bedroom needs to be proportional to the dimensions of the room. You don't necessarily have to choose a twin size bed, either. If you have your heart set on a full, queen or king sized bed, save room by eliminating the foot board. Instead, place a small desk by the foot of the bed to double as a foot board. Also, skip the headboard to save additional space. You might also place your bed on risers, allowing you to use the underneath area for storage.

Another way to maximize your space is to choose a bed with storage drawers. This will also eliminate the need for a horizontal dresser that will take up a lot of space. If your small bedroom is to be a guest room, you might want to consider buying an air mattress propped up on sturdy milk crates to save space and offer underneath storage.

Where you place the bed is equally important. Avoid placing the bed in a corner of the room, as it may make the bedroom appear smaller than it actually is and appear a bit crowded. If possible, situate the bed in the center of the room. If the bed is the focal point, it will make a small bedroom appear open and airy.

2. Ditch the Dresser

While it's true that a traditional horizontally designed dresser is great for bedroom storage, you can achieve the same benefits by choosing an upright chest of drawers. Think of the space you will save with a vertical chest. Be sure to choose a chest of drawers with at least five drawers for optimal storage space.

3. Choose "Floating" Furniture

A bedside table or nightstand is an important piece of furniture for most individuals, although it may take up valuable space. As an alternative, consider suspending a small board or table from the ceiling which drops at the same height as the bed. Floating furniture such as a floating desk may be mounted on the wall next to the bed, serving double duty for writing and as an alternative to a nightstand. Floating shelves are another idea, as these offer storage space for books and other important items without taking up floor space.

4. Brighten Up With White

Did you know that white furniture and accessories may make your small room appear larger? For an airy look that widens your horizons, choose a white bedside table, desk or chest of drawers. The great thing about white furniture is that it is versatile enough to use for any gender or age.

5. Let There Be Light

Creating more light in a small bedroom makes it appear bright, airy and open. At the same time, you don't want to clutter a tiny bedroom with large accessories such as a bulky lamp. Consider a narrow floor lamp or even a hanging chandelier. You might find these lighting options at your furniture store.

There are many ways to make the most of your small bedroom. Choosing functional furniture and accessories that saves space, such as a bed with storage drawers or ceiling lights, can be a great way to maximize your bedroom space. Visit your furniture store for more inspiration and guidance from a trained expert.