Add Rustic Charm To Your Bedroom Décor

You want your bedroom to be a cozy space, right? Your bedroom should provide an area for you to retreat from the rest of the world and get much-needed rest. Country or farmhouse décor, with the characteristic rustic profile, is considered one of the most welcoming styles. Add rustic elements to your bedroom décor for a charming getaway.

Start with a Natural Color Palette

The foundation of any cohesive décor is a set color palette. There is no single palette that's most appropriate for rustic décor, but those inspired by nature usually make an attractive backdrop. You could use a nature scene or the view from your window as inspiration. However, in general, shades of brown and gray accented with muted greens and blues provide a soothing color scheme for your bedroom. That said, if you have a rustic antique quilt, consider using those colors as a basis for your color scheme.

Include Colorful Textiles

In that vein, textiles are an important aspect of rustic décor. Choose textiles that have a sense of history – or seem to, anyway. For instance, a homemade quilt gives your room a generational appeal. The quilt can be your main bedspread, or you can fold it at the foot of the bed or over a chair. It's even possible to buy special stands for displaying quilts. You could also add wall hangings to your décor. A woven rug is another way to play with texture and color in your rustic bedroom. While it's fine to overlay patterns while choosing your textiles, try to keep them within your color scheme.

Decorate with Wooden Furniture

Nothing promotes rustic charm like natural wood. Any hardwood will do for your furniture. However, oak and pine show off their knots and grain with special beauty. When choosing wooden furniture from a company like Rosewood Home Decor, look for pieces that appear handmade or antique, even if they're brand new. It's also fine to mix and match the hardwoods. The key is to keep the staining natural with a warm cast. This creates that sense of hominess for your bedroom décor. Look for wooden bed frames, chairs, dressers and chests.

Add Unique Décor Pieces

Wood can play heavily in your choice of accent pieces, too. However, accenting is the area where you should let your unique tastes take over. Look for décor pieces with character. For example, House Beautiful recommends using a painted antique trunk to store quilts and other textiles. You can also choose rustic lighting pieces, such as those made of distressed iron. Flea markets and estate sales are an ideal place for finding fun décor items such as vases, pictures and mirrors.

Use unique items to decorate your bedroom with rustic charm.