Tips For Creating A Reading Station In Your Home For Your Child

If you want your child to read more, there is a good chance that you are going to want to create an area that is specific to the task. You want to make that area as comfortable as possible so that your child wants to spend time there and will not be distracted from his or her reading. This can help your child get ahead on his or her reading progression so that he or she is a lot more successful in school. Here are some tips for creating a reading area for your child that is as attractive to your child as possible.

1. Get Your Child a Recliner

The first thing that you want to do is get your child a recliner. This recliner should be sized specifically to your child and should appeal to him or her. Consider allowing him or her to come with you and pick out the recliner. He or she might have a strong opinion about the color of the chair, how far it leans back, or if it is branded with his or her favorite character. There are a number of recliners that might have Disney or other characters on them that your child might find attractive. Your child might also prefer to have an ottoman, rather than a full recliner. Be sure that you take your child's wants into consideration so that he or she feels as though he or she has control over the reading area. This will make it much more attractive overall to your child and make him or her more likely to use it for reading.

If you are going to let your child have drinks with them, be sure that you look at recliners with built-in cup holders.

2. Isolate the Space

Use portable chalkboards or whiteboards to cordon off a section of your child's room. Lay down an area rug that will further define the perimeter of the area. Don't put a television in the area or any other toys because these could distract your child. If possible, use a separate room entirely or have it be part of the family room. This will allow you to spend time with your child while he or she is reading without distracting him or her.

3. Buy Books

Be sure that you always have a lot of books on hand for your child to choose from if he or she is not assigned books to read in class.

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