Maximizing Space: 2 Ways To Setup Your Dining Room

Some people use their dining room to eat meals every day, while others use theirs for special occasions only. Whatever the case may be, this space can be used for much more than a place for eating. In order to maximize your dining space for multiple uses, especially in a smaller home, it is important that you utilize your dining room furniture in the best possible way and place it in the ideal location. Here are two layouts that will help you get the most out of your dining room:

Layout #1: The More Formal Dining Room

This particular layout focuses on a warm, inviting, and comfortable ambiance. It is a bit more formal, but it still has your personality. This layout is ideal for those with large families as well as those who enjoy throwing dinner parties and/or hosting family gatherings. 

With this dining room layout, you will use a large, rectangular table that features extendable leaves. You may not necessarily use these leaves all the time, but you will have them available in the event that you decide to host a large dinner party where you need more seating than normal. Now, since you have that "boardroom-like" dining room table, you may want to consider using different style head chairs than you have for your side chairs. This helps to break things up and bring a more comfortable feel to the room. 

Some extras that you can consider bringing into the space are a bookshelf or two so that the space can multitask as a study, a small desk that will allow the children to do their homework, a comfortable chair to enjoy the daily newspaper as you're drinking your morning cup of Joe, and/or a serving buffet. 

Layout #2: The Dual-Purpose Dining Room

This particular layout focuses on comfort and convenience. It is ideal for families who live in small homes and have little space to work with. Ultimately, the dining and living areas will be right next to one another and combined into one space due to the limited space options in the home. 

With this dining room layout, you will opt for a smaller dining room table than the one mentioned in the first layout. It will be used for a variety of things rather than just dining. It can be used for everyday things, including eating, serving appetizers, paying the bills, doing homework, and even playing games. When selecting your chairs, make sure that you choose chairs that comfortable, portable, and versatile. In doing so, you are ensuring that they can be moved quickly and easily in case you need more seating room in the living room. 

Some extras that you should consider in the space include a bookcase in the dining area, a sofa with end tables in the living area, and possibly a club accent chair or two. Ultimately, you want to focus on seating, flexibility, and versatility.