Small Living Room Decorating And Organizing Tips

If you have a small living room, it can be difficult to place furniture in the space without if feeling too cramped or cluttered. Just because it is a small space, doesn't mean it can't have high style and function; it will just take some creative thinking. See below for some helpful design tips to help you decorate and organize your small living space.


Take everything out of the living room and begin first with the couch/sofa that you want in the space. You may not be able to have a full size sofa, but there are options, such as a small sectional or even a love-seat with one armchair. Choose the option that fits your style best and once you have your sofa chosen, you can move on from there. Check the dimensions of the room, then measure the sofa that you want. Be sure you have more than enough space between the sofa and the other walls around you so you can move around freely. A couch that can double as a pull out bed may also be helpful for you if you don't have a guest room in your home.

End Tables

The couch may have taken up quite a bit of space in your living room, so end tables may not fit in the space well. Look for small tables that attach to your sofa, or slide beneath the sides of your sofa and cover part of the arm to hold drinks, remotes and other small items. Another option is to make a small sofa table to fit behind your sofa. Build one yourself using a 1 x 4 piece of wood to serve as the top, cut the length of your sofa and add 4 legs. Stain the table or paint it any color you choose.


Use baskets or crates that can fit in the corners of the room or on shelves in your living space to hold things such as extra pillows, throw blankets, remotes and video games. Baskets and crates serve double duty being used as both decorative and storage. 

Area Rug

Use an area rug to bring the entire room together and for extra color and added decor without taking up too much space. Find a rug that fits just beyond the size of your sofa. Be sure when looking for a rug that you find one that is easy to keep clean.

When redecorating your small living room, be sure to begin first with the sofa/couch since it's the largest item in the room, then you can decorate the room from there. Take measurements before shopping around so you aren't left with a sofa that doesn't fit in your small space.

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