How To Decorate Your Children’s Bedrooms On A Budget

If you have completed decorating your master bedroom, you are probably moving on to decorate your children's bedrooms. Or, maybe you decided to start with your kid's rooms and you're saving your master bedroom decoration for a later time. Either way, from selecting the mattress to picking out window treatments, here are some ideas of how to decorate your children's bedrooms on a budget.

Start With The Furniture - Are you shopping for things like beds, chests, and mattresses

  • Start with buying the bed and the mattress and go from there. Fortunately, you can buy really good mattresses at a very affordable price. Go to a mattress store and let the clerk know from the very beginning that you are shopping on a tight budget. The clerk will be able to advise you on the best mattresses for young bodies. Do you children have small beds? The clerk can even order a special size that is not in stock.
  • Think about buying a preowned bed that you can paint yourself to give it a brand new look. For example, if you are decorating a boy's room, think about painting the bed a bright red that will go with colors like yellow, blue and even natural wood.
  • When you look for furniture like chests, shelves and chairs, think of ways that you can save money. Besides shopping at thrift stores, go to garage sales and to antique stores where you might find unique items.

Include Your Children In The Planning - If your children are old enough, let them give you ideas on what they want, and then carry out those ideas in a fun way.

  • For example, if your little girl wants a princess room, add a canopy to the bed. Choose her favorite colors for her bed linens.
  • If your son would like a cowboy theme, go with denim. For example, denim curtains tied back with rope would be a great look.
  • Do your children share a room? Take ideas from each of them and incorporate those ideas into one area. For example, if you have a tomboy daughter and a girlie-girl daughter, you can still create a great look with denim curtains and colored satin ribbons for the tie backs.

Don't forget to take pictures of the children's rooms you have designed. Those pictures will be fun to add to your children's scrapbooks. In later years, they'll remember the nice rooms you created especially for them.