Three Types of Stores to Set Up Your Wedding Registry

If you have recently gotten engaged and are currently planning your wedding, one thing you certainly don't want to forget is setting up your wedding registry. The whole point of a wedding registry is to make the gift-buying process easier for your guests. Plus, it will let them know what kinds of things you need as you get ready to start this new chapter in your life.

Wedding experts recommend setting up your gift registry 7 to 9 months before your wedding date. Now that you know when to set it up, consider setting up your wedding registry at one or all of these types of stores.

Furniture Store

You may think this is an odd place to set up your wedding registry, but you will most likely need items found in a furniture store, especially if you and your spouse were not living together before tying the knot. Of course you're not going to want to register for really big and really expensive pieces of furniture, but some things you can register for include:

  • Rugs
  • Lamps
  • Coffee tables
  • Ottomans
  • Barstools

If you really do need these items, there is no harm in doing a wedding registry at a furniture store, such as AAA A-1 Appliance Salvage Warehouses.

Electronics Store

Electronics are becoming a common household item, so it makes sense to set up your wedding registry at an electronics store. In fact, 74% of couples married within the last five years approve of getting electronics and technology items as wedding gifts. Some of the trendiest electronic wedding gifts include:

  • Fitbit activity trackers for two
  • Wireless Bluetooth speakers
  • Flatscreen HD TV
  • Smart thermostat
  • Video camera

Some types of electronics might be better left off of the wedding registry. For example, if you hate playing video games, but your fiance goes overboard on them, registering for a gaming console might not be the best idea.

E-Commerce Store

Some e-commerce stores sell handmade items and can also personalize them as well. If you and your fiance love handmade items, or you think a monogrammed set of bath towels would make a great wedding gift, then setting up a wedding registry at an e-commerce store is a great idea. Other gift ideas from this type of store include:

  • Knick-knacks
  • Picture frames
  • Decorations for the home
  • Door knockers
  • Candles and holders

If you want unique gifts, and gifts that can be customized or personalized, you should consider setting up a gift registry at an e-commerce store via their website.