Choosing Living Room Furniture for Your Apartment

If you are a tenant, you want your apartment to be a haven of peace, a place of refuge when you come back home after a hard day's work. It needs to be cozy and inviting, because it is your home.

If you are a landlord, you also want your apartment to be attractive to tenants. Here are tips for creating a cozy living space.

Tips for Tenants


Go for temporary kinds of furniture, such as a side table with storage, folding chairs and dining table, and sofa beds. These will make it easy for you when your time comes to move to a house.


Lighting is often an issue with rentals. Most living rooms have the bare minimum in the form of an overhead light. To create greater flexibility and that desired ambiance, invest in stylish table and floor lamps.


Curtains are a small item that can add an amazing amount of life to your living space. Replace your old drapes with fresh, ready-made curtains.


Most rentals come with stark white walls. Add some warmth to your living space with some paintwork, if the landlord allows it. If allowed, try playing around with bright colors. Otherwise, stick to neutrals to appeal to a wider public.


Is your floor cold or flawed? Cover the space with some area rugs. Rugs will also add texture and color to your space.


Hang up some artwork on the walls, if allowed. Or place them strategically around the room, on countertops or in special display areas.

Tips for Landlords


You may not want to overdo the furniture, but make sure you have at least a couch, a chair, and a dining table. These should be made of heavy duty, long-lasting material, especially if you are renting to students.


For soft furnishings, choose material that is easy to clean. Leather and faux leather are also viable, easy to clean options. Consider using removable covers for fabric couches. Ensure your upholstery and soft furnishings are fire resistant.


Do not use highly priced items such as valuable artwork or fragile pieces to decorate your rental apartment. Use pieces that are affordable and which can easily be replaced if damaged.

If you are a tenant, your rental property is your current home, so make an effort to make it comfortable. Choose temporary style furniture and home accents that can fit into different spaces. If you are a landlord, consider durability and maintenance when choosing furniture for your rental apartment.