How To Care For A Wood Bookcase

When it comes to furniture for your home, not many things are as useful as wood bookcases. While they're ideal for storing your favorite novels and school books, you can also use them to conveniently display and hold other items. If you're looking to purchase one piece of furniture to help organize a room, consider buying a real wood bookcase.

Not only will an authentic wood bookcase come in handy, it will also add aesthetic appeal to any room, from your living room to a master bedroom. If you choose to use a bookcase in a child's room, be sure to properly adhere it to a wall for safety purposes.

You can find bookcases constructed of a variety of different woods, from dark cherry and mahogany to lighter oak and maple, depending on your home decor style. To create a cohesive look, try to match the wood finish to the other furniture in the room. You can also stain the wood bookcase to make it slightly darker if needed. 

Although real wood is durable and sturdy, it will require proper care to look its best. Protect your furniture investment with these maintenance tips: 

1. Dust 

Either daily or weekly, depending on how busy your household is and if you have any pets, wipe the bookcase down with a clean, soft microfiber cloth to remove any dust, dirt or other debris, such as animal fur or dander.

Not only will dusting on a regular basis keep the wood's natural patina shiny, but it will also reduce the amount of allergens in your home. Be sure to wipe around any picture frames, collectibles or other displayed objects. You can use a duster with an expandable handle to reach the top shelf if needed.

2. Clean

At least monthly, or if your spill something on the bookcase, it's important to deep-clean the wood to remove fingerprints, stuck-on food and other things than can cause stains. You can wipe the bookcase down with either a mixture of warm water and a gentle dish soap mixture or a spray cleaner designed specifically for use on wood.

Avoid using an all-purpose cleaner or any harsh chemicals, which can damage the wood. Wipe the wood in the same direction of the grain for a sleek finish. 

3. Polish

Once or twice a year, such as during spring and fall cleaning, treat the wood bookcase with a commercial wax or oil to restore the piece's natural luster and shine. The wax or oil will also prevent the wood from drying out and cracking.