Furnishing A Spare Bedroom: Creating A Multi-Functional Space

A spare bedroom can be used for a wide range of purposes, and you may want to make the room a multi-functional space your whole family can use. With the right furnishings, your spare bedroom can function as a home office, crafting space and guest bedroom. Here are some furnishing ideas to help make the most out of your spare bedroom.

Modern Pullout Sofa

A modern pullout sofa serves a range of uses in your spare bedroom. Modern furniture sofas can be used to relax in between work or study sessions, and they can make a decorative accent for your room. When transformed into a bed, the sofa can serve as the main sleeping space when guests come over. Some models turn into full-size beds, while others function as daybeds. You can also find pullout sofas that feature trundle beds underneath, which make it easier to find sleeping space for multiple guests. Stick to modern designs with clean, simple lines, as they can take up less space while also coordinating with modern home office furniture.

L-Shaped Desk

Because your spare bedroom will be used for more than one purpose, you want furniture that takes up minimal space. An L-shaped desk placed in a corner of the room creates the workspace you need for your home-based business or for when your children need to study. Look for a model that features built-in drawers and cabinets for storage so you can keep office essentials stored out of sight. You may also want to add a hutch to the desk for additional storage. This is particularly helpful if you work from home and need space for files, binders, and other work materials. Add a plush upholstered desk chair that features a cozy design, as this will make the space look less like a formal office and more like a functional living space.

Craft Storage Cabinets

If you want to use the space for arts and crafts when you aren't working or having guests over, consider lining one wall with craft storage cabinets. These cabinets open to reveal multiple drawers and shelves in varying sizes to accommodate everything from sewing machines to beads. Some designs even have fold-down tables you can use for creating your artwork or crafts. Choose cabinets with an exterior that matches your sofa and desk and situate them on a wall opposite the sofa for a balanced feel in the room.

Once you have these essential pieces picked out, you can begin looking for other furnishings to complete the space. Throw pillows and end tables for the pullout sleeper add a cozier look, and framed photos add a warm touch to the desk area. Install shelves on the walls to display more photos along with your best crafting projects. There are many unique touches you can use to complete your multi-functional spare bedroom, so don't be afraid to get creative.