Incorporating History Into Your Upscale Loft Makeover

Sometimes, when you're renovating a modern loft, a fun idea is to incorporate a few pieces of furniture or other decorative materials that are vintage, or otherwise create a connection to the past. Many interior designers like the idea of creating a dichotomy between the past and present by placing something that is not obviously modern into the design aesthetic of the apartment. This can be very helpful in establishing a clear and vibrant contrast that will make the place look all the better. Here are a few details you can choose on your own and incorporate into your furniture or other design choices. You can do most of these yourself if you are handy.

Reclaimed Wood Doors

One of the most interesting things you can use to create a really unique aesthetic is to take a classic reclaimed wood door, perhaps something such as what you'd find at a barn, and use this in your high end modern loft. Some designs use these barn doors to create beautiful sliding doors between rooms that evoke the classic look. However, even if you don't have the current need for new sliding doors in your home and are not looking to retrofit a room, you can still incorporate reclaimed wood doors into the loft look. What you might want to do is create a table that is made with the reclaimed wood door as a table.

Vintage Signs For The Kitchen

Another fun idea to consider is to get a really unique vintage sign that you can hang up in your kitchen. You might have seen similar design choices in restaurants and bars. You can get vintage advertising signs that can function as works of art. For example, consider classic advertisements that come from the 1950's, like the ones that were popular in diners and roadside cafes that were popular around America. They conjure up the classic Route 66 style that is both nostalgic as well as a great compliment to a modern loft look. You can get these in either authentic tin or in a reproduction.

A Vintage Leather Couch

Another really cool thing you can look into is getting a classic leather couch that has been refurbished (leather repaired, any buttons replaced) and have it sit in the center of your living room as a focal point. Think of the classic leather couches that you would have seen in clubs and movies that stand the test of time. They are a great accompaniment and contrasting element in a modern loft apartment.