Are You Decorating A Semi-Formal Family Room?

Have you moved into a home that has one living area instead of both a family room and a formal living room? If so, have you already decided exactly how you'll decorate the room? Perhaps you are still looking for decorating ideas.  Are you on a tight budget? From selecting the furniture to selecting the additional decor for your semi-formal room, here are some ideas that might help you.

​Select A Traditional Style Sofa And Chairs

Think of buying a sofa in a neutral color like beige or gray so that it will go with any of the other decor you select. Buying a sofa that has box cushions will provide a tailored look while creating a comfortable and cozy feeling. Look for a brand that is affordable and yet built to last. Maybe you would rather have two or more love seats than one large sofa. That would certainly provide a great setting for conversations. 

If you go with a single sofa, like an Alenya sofa, for your semi-formal living room, consider buying oversized chairs and ottomans to go with them. The ottomans could easily be moved to a different area if you need more space in the room. If you're going for real comfort, a recliner as part of the room's design would be another good choice. Select one in the same color as the other furniture.

Select The Family Room Decor

Since you are establishing a semi-formal setting, think about buying different accessories that can easily transform the room into either a formal one or a very informal one. For instance, perhaps you are having a New Year's Eve party and you want the room to look elegant. Buy throw pillows made from fabrics like silk and taffeta to provide the formal feeling you are looking for.

Another way to add a formal touch to your family room is to place an elegant throw onto the back of the sofa, or to drape it across the arm of your overstuffed chair. 

If you're having friends over for a casual evening, say just for games or for watching a movie on your big-screen television set, use casual throw pillows. For example, red denim pillows would add pizzaz to the room while giving you the informal feeling you want to establish.

A casual throw, maybe even a serape from Mexico, would also add a fun and informal feeling to your family room.