Barbecue Add-Ons That Can Enhance Your Outdoor Cooking

Some people like to go old-school and tend charcoals in a little oval barbecue grill. Many people expand out to the larger grills. If you're in the latter category, you might be thinking about some of the appliances you can add on either as a part of the grill itself or the whole grill station. Keep reading for some of those add-ons that can enhance your outdoor cooking.

Rotisserie Attachment

Rotisseries go in and out of fashion for barbecue grills. According to The Spruce Eats, they should be back in fashion. The site notes that rotisserie-cooked meat is self-based and slow-roasted, which yields a juicer meat. What's more, your grill doesn't have to be as hot for rotisserie cooking as for grilling. The rotisserie attachment can be an add-on to a current grill or part of a new unit.

Rotisserie Tray

A similar add-on is the rotisserie tray. A traditional rotisserie attachment skewers the meat to revolve it. A rotisserie tray consists of several trays on the rotisserie attachment. It allows you to heap a lot of food onto the metal trays, which get revolved around in the rotisserie fashion. These trays are a good way to maximize your grilled food production for large parties.

Side Burners

Side burners are another add-on that come on new grills or as a separate piece in your grill station. They're just like the burners on your kitchen stove. They typically run on gas or propane, though. Side burners are a good addition if you want to cook your entire meal outdoors. You can place pots and pans on them for your side dishes or sauces instead of running back and forth to the kitchen.

Outdoor Griddle

If you want to omit the need for pots and pans, consider an outdoor griddle. This add-on is an attachment for your side burners or grill. It consists of a stainless steel griddle that's suitable for vegetables and, naturally, pancakes. An advantage of the outdoor griddle is that it's easier to clean up than a set of pots and pans.

Sear Zone

A sear zone can take you to chef levels of outdoor cooking. It's a separate installation that cooks at a very high heat. As the name suggests, its purpose is to sear, which creates a savory crust on your foods. A sear zone is ideal for meat and fish. However, you can use it for vegetables, too. You can either sear your items then place them on the grill or cook them completely on the sear zone.

Outfit your new barbecue grill with the above add-ons that would best augment your cooking. For more information, contact companies such as The Fire Place.