Furnishing A Spare Bedroom: Creating A Multi-Functional Space

A spare bedroom can be used for a wide range of purposes, and you may want to make the room a multi-functional space your whole family can use. With the right furnishings, your spare bedroom can function as a home office, crafting space and guest bedroom. Here are some furnishing ideas to help make the most out of your spare bedroom. Modern Pullout Sofa A modern pullout sofa serves a range of uses in your spare bedroom. Read More 

Are You Planning A Summer Outdoor Party?

Are you hosting a summer party for part of a family reunion? Perhaps you are having a party to honor a high school or a college graduate. It might be that you are having several birthday parties during the summer, or that you are planning an outdoor party for the Fourth of July. No matter the reason that you are planning a summer outdoor party, from planning different themes to buying a pergola that will remain as part of your landscape, here are some ideas that might help you. Read More 

How To Care For A Wood Bookcase

When it comes to furniture for your home, not many things are as useful as wood bookcases. While they're ideal for storing your favorite novels and school books, you can also use them to conveniently display and hold other items. If you're looking to purchase one piece of furniture to help organize a room, consider buying a real wood bookcase. Not only will an authentic wood bookcase come in handy, it will also add aesthetic appeal to any room, from your living room to a master bedroom. Read More 

Choosing Living Room Furniture for Your Apartment

If you are a tenant, you want your apartment to be a haven of peace, a place of refuge when you come back home after a hard day's work. It needs to be cozy and inviting, because it is your home. If you are a landlord, you also want your apartment to be attractive to tenants. Here are tips for creating a cozy living space. Tips for Tenants Chairs/couches Go for temporary kinds of furniture, such as a side table with storage, folding chairs and dining table, and sofa beds. Read More 

Just Purchased A Used Sofa? Three Tips For Freshening It Up After Bringing It Home

Buying a used sofa can be a great idea since it can be much more affordable than buying a brand-new sofa from the showroom. When you're buying a used sofa, you need to be aware that used will never be as clean as brand-new. If you're concerned about your used sofa not being clean or smelling fresh in your home, there are several things that you can do with the help of upholstery cleaning professionals. Read More